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A Safer Divorce. Non-adversarial and affordable.

Peaceful Divorce. Less Stressful. Confidential.

About Peaceful Mediators

We know how important – and frightening – it can be to step into your future.

We are a Mediation company that helps people settle disputes and conflicts easier and more affordable than litigation or court.

Our goal at Peaceful Mediation is to avoid causing more conflict and wasting your time and money. We offer a personalized, convenient, cost-effective, and court-approved solution to the traditionally painful and divisive divorce process to families throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our personalized services even include a free consultation in the comfort of your home if you choose.


Why Mediation?

Mediation is a court-approved process in which a trained neutral person, called a mediator, encourages, and facilitates the resolution dispute between two or more parties. Mediation is informal and non-adversarial, with the objective of helping parties reach a mutually acceptable and voluntary agreement. Mediation delivers straight-line communication between parties without circumventing each other through attorneys.

  • Mediation
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Marital Settlement Agreements (MSA)

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